Machine Learning

Machine Learning Services #

I can identify areas in which your product might benefit from Machine Learning and help you with model implementation, training, and MLOps.

Machine Learning can be deployed for a variety of tasks, ranging over diagnostics, pattern recognition, forecasting, recommender systems, etc. Previous work of mine revolved around probabilistic graphical models, time series forecasting, genetic algorithms, data augmentation, and language models.

Technologies #

I previously worked mainly with TensorFlow, Keras, or scikit-learn. Most projects were realized in Python, ML’s lingua franca, but I’m interested in novel frameworks and integrations in other programming languages.

What I Can Do For You #

  • Develop Machine Learning models for your application
  • Create case studies and evaluate how ML can potentially improve your product
  • Help you identify or fix issues in your tooling
  • Facilitate the deployment of models to production or address other MLOps-related questions
  • For other services, please send me a message