DevOps Services #

I can introduce you to methodologies that increase the velocity of delivering applications to customers.

Closely related to Agile software development, DevOps is a set of principles that aims for the automation of workflows and rapid feedback for developers.

Technologies #

Previously, I have employed Jenkins, GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, Ansible, and Docker. I am increasingly relying on Nix and NixOS for effective DevOps.

What I Can Do For You #

  • Fix the pain points in your CI/CD process
  • Build a complete CI/CD pipeline according to your needs
  • Analyze your existing DevOps processes, identify inefficiencies or areas for improvements
  • Speed up your workflows
  • Automate processes, e.g. related to testing and deployment
  • Set up monitoring and introspection infrastructure
  • For other services, please send me a message