Hi there! #

I provide consulting and development services centered around Systems and Backend Engineering, Machine Learning, DevOps, Open Source, and Rust. On this site you’ll find information about my areas of expertise and services. You can read more about me here.

Services #

Consulting & Expertise #

I strive to find the best solutions for your project, whether it’s about systems design, technology choices or market orientation.

Research #

I can aid your R&D efforts, advise you in scientific methodologies, or survey the available academic literature for you.

Analysis #

I provide analyses of structural or technical processes, using modelling, benchmarking, testing, data collection and visualization.

Implementation #

Be it developing an MVP, refactoring, fixing complicated bugs, or developing critical components for your project, I can do it.

Code Review #

Helping you to improve code quality and maintainability, I facilitate that your code base is healthy in the long run.

Teaching #

To increase the capabilities of your team, I offer learning events and, in any case, aim for enabling a transfer of knowledge.